09:10 AM 22/03/2018 Views: 6560
The Prime Minister just enacted Checking, integrating poverty reduction policy term 2017 – 2018.

09:21 AM 21/03/2018 Views: 5961
On December 31st, 2016, the Prime Minister enacted Decision No. 2561/QD-TTg approving Scheme “Increase the role of influential individuals in the ethnic minority area”. This decision aim at increasing the propaganda, promoting the role and executing regulations, policies to influential individuals in the ethnic minority area, contributing to the ethnic tasks, policies of Party, policies and law of Government and building the Great National Unity.

08:56 AM 21/03/2018 Views: 6000
To the support for making houses, infrastructure for domestic water and households having demand for advancing expenditure to buy materials, People’s Commune Committee makes procedure advancing for those households; advancing up to maximum 60% of Government budget supporting to each household.

08:54 AM 21/03/2018 Views: 2719
Ministry of Home Affairs is drafting Decree about policy for cadre, official and individual who get paid in military working in area having special socio-economic difficulty.

10:53 AM 11/01/2018 Views: 3177
The Prime Minister just decided to provide 18 publication newspapers, magazines for the ethnic minority and mountainous areas to increase the ìnformation assignment, propagandize at the ethnic minority and mountainous areas, the specially difficult areas in 2017-2018.

02:59 PM 26/12/2017 Views: 2768
In many years, the Party, Government prioritize execution of sustainable poverty reduction policy in ethnic minority area. However, according to National Assembly’s representative from Lai Chau province: Tong Thanh Binh, the fund investing this area has many inadequacies and must be solved immediately in the future.

11:19 AM 18/08/2017 Views: 3127
The Government has issued a resolution approving the investment of 21 Programs 2016-2020 periods.


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