Supporting the expenditure for nomadic farming households settling down

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The Ministry of Finance just enacted Circular No. 105/2017/TT-BTC instructing the structure of managing finance following the Decision No. 2085/QD-TTg of Prime Minister accrediting specific policy support socio-economic development in mountainous and ethnic minority area from 2017 to 2020.

The Circular clearly assigned the support arranging the settlement of nomadic farming households. To the supporting investment for community: Supporting the investing capital, advance, budget’s payment for projects, infrastructures (compensation, land clearance, residential land leveling and reclaim production land; build roads, electricity network, small water resource, domestic water system, classroom, kindergarten, community house in hamlet, commune and some essential infrastructures following Law on Construction, Law of Tender, Law on Land and other instructing documents.

About the direct support for nomadic farming households settling down: to the support for making houses, infrastructure for domestic water and households having demand for advancing expenditure to buy materials, People’s Commune Committee creates the list of households proposing an advance and do procedure for households to execute the policy. After finishing infrastructure, based on the inspection’s result, People’s Commune Committee pays for households as well as do the procedure reclaiming the advance.

About the support in creating foundation (in the mixed settling area) and expenditure for moving: based on the list of households which were provided and have authority approval, People’s Commune Committee directs political – social organizations at local areas associating with local community to help those households. People’s Commune Committee bases on the examination’s result, quantity of inspections, peojects, appraises and pays for those households according to the regulation.

The Circular will take the effect since November 20th, 2017.


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