The Minister, Chairman Do Van Chien attended the Conference commending the influential individuals in Lao Cai province

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These influential individuals in this province hugely contributed to the socio-economic development, public security of local area. They are the bridge between the Party, authority and people in propagandizing, encouraging people to change, abolish depraved customs in funeral, wedding; are core of the campaign “Everybody unite to build life and culture in residential area”; people participated in campaigns, patriotism emulation movements making a contribution to strengthen people unity, convey the Party’s policies, law of Government in every fields of social life to ethnic groups such as: Accelerating socio-economic development, protecting environment, protect the forest, public security, promoting native culture, etc.

In the influential individuals group, there are: Mrs. Dang Thi Phuc living in Lang En hamlet, Tri Quang commune, Bao Thang district encouraged people to give over 16,000 square meter land for rural traffic road; Mr. Vi Van Sang living in Ngoang hamlet, Tham Duong commune, Van Ban district encouraged people to give over 5,000 square meter land for rural traffic road, propagandized people to make 45 hygiene toilets, 23 cages for cattle and 30 trash holes making big contributions to building new rural area; Mr. Ma Thanh Soi in Tay ethnic group living in Ban Ria hamlet, Nghia Do commune, Bao Yen district had a positive contribution in collecting and preserving native culture, etc.

The representatives for influential individual in Lao Cai ethnic minority area, there are; Mr. Vu A Sua, Ha Nhi ethnic group, living in Chu Phin II hamlet, Nam Pung commune, Bat Xat district mentioned the role of influential individual in improving customs and habits, building culture; representatives Dang Thi Tam, Dao ethnic group, living in Khe Coc hamlet, Nam Tha commune, Van Ban district, Lao Cai talked about preventing social issues; representatives Sung Seo Chu, Mong ethnic group, living in Sa Van Su, Man Khang hamlet, Ta Van Chu commune, Bac Ha district mentioned the role of influential individual in socio-economic development, poverty reduction, etc.

To let the policy for influential individual achieve higher results, at the Conference, the representative of Leader of National Broad in Lao Cai province also suggested some contents to CEMA and other Central Ministries and agencies; specifically: CEMA need to have detailed instruction soon for executing the Scheme Increasing the promotion of influential individual’s role in ethnic minority group; distribute fund in building and executing the policy for influential individual in ethnic minority group; conduct research, enact the regulation, regulate the function, task, power of influential individual in executing ethnic policy and ethnic task which suit to every area; need to have specific regulation about time to launch Conference commending the influential individuals in ethnic minority area to encourage, acknowledge their contribution, etc.

Noted the representatives’ opinions, Minister, Chairman of Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs Do Van Chien said, CEMA will continue to counsel the Party, Government to enact policy, prioritize the resource, community support for ethnic minority community in investing infrastructures, creating incomes, secure social security, step by step improving people’s material and spiritual lives to encourage, acknowledge influential individuals’ contributions.

The Minister, Chairman acknowledge and commend the result of Lao Cai influential individuals’ contributions in the past. He thinks influential individuals are an example in Lao Cai in particular and Vietnam in general. The Minister emphasized: In the revolution, the Party always determine that ethnic issue and the unity of ethnic groups have am important strategic role. Identifing the fundamental rule in ethnic task is “Equality, respect, unity, help to together develop”, our Party, Government spent many resources to invest in ethnic minority area, area in special difficulty to promote socio-economic development, raise people’s living standard.

The Minister, Chairman hoped, after the Conference, Lao Cai influential individuals continue to promote the gained results, overcome difficulties and accomplish the given missions from people, continue to be an example in socio-economic development, poverty reduction, build new rural area, preserve native culture, build the great unity among ethnic groups.

On this occasion, The Minister, Chairman of CEMA gave Commendation for 3 groups and 12 individuals for their excellent, outstanding achievements in deploying tasks, leading the execution of policy for influential individual at local area in 2016. 150 outstanding influential individuals was given the Commendation Letter and commended their contributions in Lao Cai ethnic minority area by the President of Lao Cao Province People’s Committee.


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