Checking, integrating poverty reduction policy

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The aim of the Plan is 100% of Ministries, agencies, local authorities are followed their functions, given task, continued to check, evaluate the impact of plan’s execution, proposed the policy’s contents which need to integrate, correct, supplement or abolish in a focus way, clear clue, reduce the quantity of documents, avoid overlap and spreading, ensure the rate of progress, goal, content of the proposed plan.

Specifically, policy in these fields: Education – training, support for productivity development; support for employment; support for ethnic minority community, cadre policy, support for electricity bill, support for information and mass media as well as policy for poverty reduction will be checked.

About proposing an integration, correction, supplement or abolishment, these need to be followed the way which: Clearly determining the sponsor role and participation sides, having a specific cooperating mechanism from the start, distributing the resources and leading, instructing the execution of integrated policy and overlapped resources; reducing supporting policy for free, increasing supporting policy have condition attached with subject, area and time to enjoy in order to increase the opportunities of approaching policy and encouraging positivity, actively participate of the poor; increase the investment resource and balance mid-term resource of Government for poverty reduction policies, programs.

Giving investing priority for the support for creating jobs and developing area which have large ethnic minority population, poor district, poor commune, commune near border, commune in safe zone and commune, hamlet in special difficulty, area in coastal, island; reforming the administrative formalities and methods to let people, community participate and approach poverty reduction policy; pushing forward propaganda and education tasks to raise people awareness of lifting themselves out of poverty.

Ministries, agencies and local authorities suggested mechanism, solution to raise the chance of people can diverse access to basic social services; telescopic mechanism, solution which execute 21 programs have the same goal with the Plan executing National Aim Program in poverty reduction.

In addition, the Prime Minister gives Ministry of Education and Training a task building Government Resolution integrating two main policy documents supporting kindergarten education for children from 3 to 5 years old (Decision No. 60/2011/QD-TTg on October 26th, 2011 of Prime Minister about the Regulation of some policies developing kindergarten education term 2011 – 2015 & Decision No. 239/QD-TTg on February 9th, 2010 of Prime Minister approving the Scheme Universalizing kindergarten education for 5 years old children term 2010 – 2015).

Besides, building Government Resolution integrating documents about scholarship policy and support for learning fees to students (Decision No. 194/2001/QD-TTg on December 21st, 2001;

Decision No. 82/2006/QD-TTg of Prime Minister about adjusting the level of scholarship policy for ethnic minority pupils, students; Decision No. 152/2007/QD-TTg of Prime Minister about scholarship policy for pupils, students in education infrastructure belong to public education system; Decision No. 66/2013/QD-TTg of Prime Minister regulating policy supporting learning fee for ethnic minority student learning in universities; Decision No. 53/2015/QD-TTg on October 20th, 2015 of Prime Minister about broading policy for college, middle pupils, students).

The Ministry of Home Affairs builds Government Resolution integrating 3 policies for cadres in special difficulty area (Decree No. 116/2010/ND-CP on December 24th, 2010 of Government on Policy for cadres, officials and individuals who receive salary in military force in area having special difficulty in socio-economic conditions; Decree No. 64/2009/ND-CP on July 30th, 2009 of Government on Policy for medical cadres, officials in area having special difficulty in socio-economic conditions; Decree No. 61/2006/ND-CP on June 20th, 2006 of Government on Policy for teachers, cadres doing education task in special school in in area having special difficulty in socio-economic conditions) following the way of avoiding overlapping in policy, having different priority among communes in mountainous and ethnic minority area which suffer from special difficulty which far from the centre of district and have difficult in travelling, communes in special difficulty in other mountainous and ethnic minority area, communes in special difficulty in coastal area, island.

The Prime Minister also gives Ministry of Finance a task building Decision of Prime Minister integrating with Decision No. 28/2014/QD-TTg on Arpil 7th, 2014 of Prime Minister regulating the mechanism of retail electricity tariff and Decision No. 60/QD-TTg on October 30th, 2014 of Prime Minister regulating criteria the social policy household is supported electricity money; researching, proposing and changing supporting electricity fee methods to become more efficient, suitable with current situation.


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