The inadequacy in managing the fund for poverty reduction policy

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According to National Assembly’s representative Tong Thanh Binh (Lai Chau), most ethnic minority people live in mountainous provinces with local budget distributed by National budget. The local budget will be used for executing programs, National Aim, ethnic policies. Especially, that executing some specific policies for ethnic minority area is key part contributing the socio-economic development, ensure people’s life and reduce poverty level of remoted, ethnic minority area.

However, the deployment of executing programs, National Aim term 2016-2020 was slowly executed. The main reasons for this are slow in assigning the fund’s plan; processes, procedures take too much time to prepare. Some contents such as supporting productivity, career fund have not been specifically instructed by cadres managing those and local authority confused when deploying the execution. Some policies, which have been enacted, are not received or received few resources to execute.

The distribution of resource is not really fit with entire medium-term investment plan term 2016-2020 for two programs: 72.817 billion VND for National Aim Program in sustainable poverty reduction and building new rural area; in 2016, the budget was increased by 6.000 billion VND, in 2017, add 11.000 billion VND. The remaining budget of term 2018-2020 is enormous – 55.000 billion VND. Every year, National Aim program spent 18.400 billion VND on average; the expected capital for program in 2018 is 11.000 billion VND. Thereby, program’s capital will become huge in the two final years: over 22.000 billion VND per year, double than 2018 capital. This will lead to overbudget which have a negative impact on the efficiency of fund.

The representative also pointed out difficulties in executing socio-economic development and Investment Law in mountainous provinces. In addition to, rule which not discriminate the scale, total investment of project leading to inadequacy in executing process. He proposed: “Right now, there are projects investing business which has small scale, the total investment is not large; however, investor still has to do procedure, record deciding the investor, etc. which result in wasting time and money to prepare the investment. I suggest that projects which have small business scale in mountainous area renting land under 1ha and having total investment under 20 billion VND will not need the investing decision of Province Committee. This will give to register agencies which had the authority of the Authority for Planning and Investment”/

Also, representative Tong Thanh Binh suggested the Government, ministries and agencies that they should have an executing plan for each National Aim program. Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development together will enact detailed instruction about the content, expenditure for project supporting the development of productivity, job diversification and project expanding poverty reduction’s model which apply to execute National Aim Program, sustainable poverty reduction term 2016 – 2020. Vietnam Electricity, ministries and agencies supplement missing capital in the medium-term investment plan term 2016 – 2020 to local area synchronously complete project providing electricity to hamlets which have no electricity in the future, meet the demand of people, who directly enjoy the project.


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