The Deputy Minister, Vice Chairman Le Son Hai checked the current situation of ethnic tasks in Southwest provinces

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At the working session with An Giang National Broad (June 26th), Mr. Tran Quoc Thanh, Head of Province’s National Broad reported to Deputy Minister, Vice Chairman and delegation about drawbacks and advantages in the deploying process in the first six months. Following that, the socio-economic situation in An Giang had recognizably developed; some programs, schemes directly affected, changed entire the ethnic rural area such as: Program 135, Decision No.29 about solving land, job opportunity and some policies supporting education, culture, medical, etc. Beside the achieved results, there are difficulties, disadvantages caused by climate change, unusual weather leading to the decrease of productivity, paddy and farm crop. In the future, local authority continues to develop economy, improve living standard and lift people out of poverty.

Addressing at the working session, Deputy Minister, Vice Chairman Le Son Hai highly appreciated the results of An Giang National Broad had gained. The Deputy Minister, Vice Chairman hoped that in the future, An Giang National Broad continues to stay closely to current situation of every local area to counsel leader on efficiently deploying policies and reaching to people. Also, the Deputy Minister noted that, local authority needs to acknowledge people’s wish as well as execute well policy for influential individuals in ethnic minority community; enrollment policy for ethnic minority students; teaching Cham language to Cham people; advancing the ethnic language programs in local multi-media to provide people’s need, etc.  

On June 27th, the Deputy Minister, Vice Chairman Le Son Hai along with delegation came to work with Hau Giang National Broad. This is a poor agriculture province in the area, ethnic minority community has to face difficulties. Some local areas have many ethnic minority people who suffer from saltwater intrusion. Hau Giang positively deployed policies supporting ethnic minority community such as: planning a training class for cadres in commune, hamlet (part of Project training cadres in basic level and community of Program 135). Moreover, two districts have large ethnic minority community are Long My, Phung Hiep will receive fund for building infrastructures, developing productivity, expanding the model of poverty reduction by Hau Giang province. The total expense of fund is 8,920,000,000 VND.

At the working session, CEMA’s delegation had a conversation with leader of province National Broad about existing issues affecting the policy execution in local area as well as issues affecting people’s daily life, productivity. The Deputy Minister, Vice Chairman Le Son Hai required in the future, Hau Giang need to focus on poverty reduction task, suggested the National Broad connects, reports the current situation to The Department of Locality III to quickly solve problems. 


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