The Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs coordinated with the National Traffic Safety Committee supported specific helmet for Thais

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Executing the policy socializing in the guarantee of traffic safety, mobilizing all of organizations and people participated in and supported the ethnic minority groups in general and Thais women in particular in safety traffic. In 2016, the National Traffic Safety Committee generated the donation helmet Program “Tron nghia dong bao, am tinh cha me”, focus on the purpose which all people use standard helmet when were in traffic with motorbike, motor vehicle, electric bike. The program was donated over 100.000 standard helmets, played the important role in decreasing injured in traffic accident.

However, the standard helmets could not useful with Thais women, because of their custom  which roll hair on the top after marriage. It made harder for them to wear helmet when riding motorbike, motor vehicle, electric bike and protect their head. Therefore, the National Traffic Safety Committee coordinated with related ministries, organizations and CEMA to design and produce the helmet which suitable with Thais women custom.

After working promptly in a period of time, with effectiveness coordination between ministries, organizations and consultants, the design was successful in researching and designing the partical helmet for Thais women, making the contribution to their safety when they are in traffic by motorbike, motor vehicle, and electric bike; supporting people who have difficulty in implementation in wearing helmet, building safety, civilized and friendly traffic environment in Viet Nam.


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