The Deputy Minister, Vice Chairman Le Son Hai celebrated Cambodian New Year (Chol Cham Thmay) of Khmer people.

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In Soc Trang province, the delegation came to visit, wish a happy Cambodian new year to the Association of Patriotic Monks in Soc Trang province; Pali Intermediate Continuation School; Huynh Cuong Ethnic Broading High School, Khmer Performing Arts and 30 families in policy, Khmer households have difficulties. In Can Tho city, the delegation came to wish Happy new year to Khmer Theravada, the Association of Patriotic Monks in Can Tho city, Khmer students from Can Tho University, 30 Vietnamese Heroic Mothers, dignitaries and influential individuals in ethnic minority community.

The Deputy Minister, Vice Chairman Le Son Hai informed the dignitaries about the achievements in executing ethnic policy which the Party and Government deploy. The Deputy Minister Le Son Hai affirmed that the practical support from programs, projects for ethnic minority people such as Program 135 supporting ethnic minority people’s settlement, providing vocational training, solving the unemployment, supporting lands to stay and produce, etc. He hopes Khmer people as well as others ethnic minority groups in the area will promote the unity, belief in the Party’s leader, authority.

At every visited place, the Deputy Minister, Vice Chairman Le Son Hai gave meaningful presents and wished people and dignitaries to have a happy, cozy, safe New Year, preserve good tradition and together build a better homeland.

(On the occasion of Chol Chnam Thmay festival, in the morning of April 7th, at Soc Trang city, Southwest Director Broad launched the Khmer traditional Tet get-together in the Southern area. Attending to the ceremony, there are: Vuong Dinh Hue, member of the Politburo, Deputy Prime Minister; Le Phuoc Tho, former member of Politburo, former head of Central Organization Broad; Son Minh Thang, member of Central Party, Deputy Head of Standing Broad of Southwest Director Broad; Nguyen Van The, Secretary of Soc Trang province along with leaders of Central Ministries and cadres doing ethnic tasks of 17 provinces, cities in Southern area. Also, there are 1000 representatives including venerable, most venerable, reverends and elite cadres from Khmer community. On behalf of CEMA, the Deputy Minister, Vice Chairman Le Son Hai celebrated Cambodian New Year of Khmer people.)


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