The workshop “Landslide – flashflood and Solutions for Sustainable Development”

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Attending the Conference, there are Ministries of: Resources and Environment; Construction; Culture, Sport and Tourism; Agriculture and Rural Development, Planning and Investment; Transport; National Assembly Office; leaders of Lang Son, Son La and Lai Chau provinces; Departments, agencies and National Broads in some Northern mountainous provinces. Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), institutes, enterprises of Japan and speakers, scientists, FECON Vietnam also attended.

Addressing at the Conference, Deputy Minister, Vice Chairman of CEMA Dinh Que Hai emphasized: with the given role, responsibility by Government, CEMA together with related Ministries, agencies will conduct research, propose to basically solve in prevention tasks, reducing the landslide’s, flashflood’s damages to people, especially ethnic minority people, create advantages for them to have safer, stable life. Also, the Conference also proposed and built overall solutions such as: completing the mechanism, policy in preventing flashflood and landslide; construction solutions to prevent, against flashflood, landslide in high-risk area in mountainous and ethnic minority area; propose & deploy suitable solutions to prevent flashflood and landslide. The Conference also is an occasion to note proposals, petitions of local authorities which are the foundation to mobilize the resources from sponsors, international organizations to support projects arranging, planning the residential area to minimum the landslide’s, flashflood’s damages in mountainous and ethnic minority area in the future.

At the workshop, Vietnamese and international scientists shared: the long-term impact of flashflood and landslide to people’s social security life; typical projects applied to prevent and recover landslide in Ha Giang, Hoa Binh province; lesson from deploying solution in Lang Son province; cause and result of preventing and recovering; technological solutions in warning and dealing with landslide; experience of some nations and solutions Vietnam can adapt.

At the end of Conference, Deputy Minister, Vice Chairman of CEMA Dinh Que Hai emphasized: To bring these solutions to minimum the landslide’s, flashflood’s damages, we need to cooperate closely to Ministries, agencies and local authorities in preventing, against natural disasters, especially landslide, flashflood; increase the propaganda, education for those who live in affected area about basic solutions in preventing landslide, flashflood to minimum the damages; combining sustainable income with protection and protection forest’s development in some key areas.

The Deputy Minister suggested sponsors, international cooperation organizations, especially JICA continue to support to execute the plan. He also suggested enterprises, scientists to accelerate research and application to provide technological solutions to high-risk area, ensure sustainability, reasonable price and technology. The Deputy Minister Dinh Que Hai said CEMA will collect petitions, proposals of local areas and experience, solution of Vietnamese and Japanese experts, scientists to counsel, propose to Prime Minister about the Project arranging residential area in mountainous and ethnic minority area to minimum the landslide’s, flashflood’s damages in the future.


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