The Deputy Minister, Vice Chairman Phan Van Hung met the delegation of students in Cultivate ethnic tasks course for Laos cadres

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Attending to the meeting, there are leaders’ representatives from Departments, units belong to CEMA and 20 students who are cadres from the Ministry of Home Affairs and Lao Front for National Construction.

The cultivate course from September 5th, 2017 to November 30th, 2017 with 20 students. In three months, students learned basic knowledge of ethnic tasks including 20 special subjects, 316 periods. Additionally, students had a practical expedition and attended to outdoor activities, researches, exchanges of experience from socio-economic models of ethnic minority areas in Hanoi, Thai Nguyen and Thanh Hoa.

Students of the cultivate course deeply thanked the leaders of the Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs, Leader Broad of Ethnic Academy, teachers, scientists had accompanied with the course helping them to achieve the best result.

Speaking at the meeting, the Deputy Minister, Vice Chairman Phan Van Hung highly appreciated the study result of the cultivate course, effort of cadres, teachers and students while the Ethnic Academy still have many difficulties. The Deputy Minister also congratulated students who completed the course well, adapt well the learning result into reality when they returned to Laos; wished the special relationship with two countries “Forever wonderful, forever unshakeable”.


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