Promoting cooperation in information technology between the State Committee Ethnic Affairs (CEMA) and the Lao Front for National Construction (LFNC)

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Attending the meeting were the Deputy Minister, Vice Chairman, Phan Van Hung; The Board of Directors and Key staffsof Information Center of CEMA; Leaders and members of the Limited Company AI Vietnam.

Implementing cooperation between CEMA Vietnam and the LFNC in building the Information technology, strengthening cooperation in the field of information technology, recently, CEMA has sent a delegation work and study some applications of information technology at the LFNC organized the country and a number of ministries, branches and commune of Laos, as the basis for coordination on building, deploying, help developing IT applications in Laos.

Results of survey on application of Information Technology at the LFNC, the Lao Ministry of Home Affairs and Borikhamxay province shows the current appearance of the state information technology in the agency, communes which still is limited in many respects, are in need of help, such as information technology Infrastructure (servers, workstations); Application on Information Technology in management and administration (Electronic Portal, operating system, e-mail); Information Technology staffs; and also IT proficiency of staff is limited...

Through the working-progress, surveys in Laos, the Information Center of CEMA has proposed plans for support such as: Building Portal Electronics, operational system, online training and information technology infrastructure for the LFNC. With aims to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the application of advanced IT leading to management efficiency, policies development at the LFNC...

Deputy Minister, Vice Chairman, Phan Van Hung suggested that there are in need of specific data about the target of information technology applications; presenting solutions to implement the tasks that require information technology applications for the operation of the central committee of the LFNC.

To Conclude the meeting, Minister Do Van Chien said this is an important political task, contributing to tightening the special friendship between Vietnam and Laos, while the Minister also directed specific jobs for Information Centre to fulfill.


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