Law Committee of the National Assembly works with the Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs (CEMA)

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At the meeting, the two parties have analyze jointly and discuss the law proposals on Ethnic Laws, focusing on some of the main content related to: the notes of the Ethnicity Law; syllabus Ethinic Law; reports on preliminary impacts of Ethnic Law Project. Confirmation by CEMA onthe ethnic law project has prepared on the basic of regulations, Dang Dinh Luyen, Vice Chairman of the Law Committee of the National Assembly Committee clarifies some contents: Name of the Law; scope; the object of the Act; the provisions on ethnic policy, state management of the ethnic work; the conditions ensuring implementation of ethnic policy; responsibilities of the agencies in the implementation of ethnic policies; progress of construction Ethnic Law. He also stressed that building Ethnic Law is difficult and complex so that it should bestudied carefully about the content, quality and progress in order to submit the Law to the National Assembly for some opinions on the 4th session of the National Assembly XIV in 2017, as planned.

Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Minister, Vice Chairman, Le Son Hai noted the comments of  the Law Committee of  the National Assembly and recommended the Legal Department of  CEMA continuing to absorb and synthesize the comments to continue to edit and complete the documents of Ethnic Law. Deputy Minister, Vice Chairman wishes the Law Committee’s National Assembly continue to make practical suggestions and help the CEMA to complete Ethnic Law in the shortest time.


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