Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairssigned an agreement tocoordinate with Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology

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On the ceremony, there areleaders of all departments and units from CEMA; and also leaders, and representatives of all departments from the VAST.

Programme about coordination perioded 2016 - 2020 between the CEMA and the VAS Tattempted to strengthen research activities, exchange of scientific information,application of research results, consultancy, judgment in the formulation and implementation of strategies, plans, programmes, schemes, projects and policies for ethnic minorities in order to contribute to improve quality and efficiency of ethnic governance and quality of training on human resources of ethnic minorities; Promote research activities, application and science and technology transferto reduce poverty, economic development, culture and society in order to entailindustrialization and modernization among ethnic minority areas. In addition, these programs are aimed to ensure the effectiveness of Directive No. 28 / CT-TTg dated 10/09/2014 of the Prime Minister for raising the effectiveness and efficiency of the ethnic governance.

Programme coordinated between the two agencies includes four main components: coordination of scientific research; coordination of science and technology advice, judgment policies and attractingexperts; coordination about the provision and exchange of scientific information; and coordination of international cooperation activities.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Prof. Duong Ngoc Hai, Vice President of VAST stressed: The signing between the two agencies is one of the solutions and long-term strategy to serve socio-economic development of ethnic minority and mountainous areas. Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology appreciate the willingness of the CEMA in enhancing the cooperation between the two units witha desire to cooperate after the program signed, the two sides will carry out specific tasks, strengthen the connection between the functional units to implement well the tasks assigned by the Government.

Also at the signing ceremony, Vice MinisterPhan Van Hung said: This is a major event, ushering in a new chapter in the coordination between the two agencies. CEMA appreciated the cooperation of the VAST in the formulation and implementation of ethnic policies, especially policies on science and technology in the ​​Central Highlands. Vice Ministerproposed, the program signed between the two agencies must follow the principle; the advisory units of the two agencies must urgently develop a plan to concretize the coordination; the two sides should hold regular meetings to evaluate the achievementduring the coordination; regular holdingworkshops and seminars between experts and scientists; collaboration in training and research; coordination and exchange of scientific information in order to serve  new projects.

Among the presence of the VAST leaders and leaders of the departments and units of the CEMA, Vice Minister, Deputy Chairman of the CEMA, Phan Van Hung and Vice President of VAST Duong Ngoc Hai signed an agreement of coordination between the CEMA and the Vietnam Academy of Science and technology 2016 – 2020 period./.


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