The Minister, Chairman Do Van Chien met voters in Tuyen Quang province

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The local voters suggested that the National Assembly needs to continue to consider fixing the Combatting Corruption Rule punishing cadres, Party members have corrupting behaviors. Besides, voters also suggested to invest, advance the roads in rural area, electricity, school infrastructure, medical station, offices in commune and hamlet; provide cement to concrete roads in rural area; manage, plan the urban area and deal with unfinished plans; issues involved to land, administrative border, push the progress of projects in Tuyen Quang city; study and evaluate the environmental effects from the exploitation of stone; raise the pension of hamlet and village cadres; policies for conscripted labors, ethnic minority people; upgrade the administrative procedures; solution for security tasks, etc.

At the session, the Minister, Chairman Do Van Chien announced some contents and results of the fourth meeting of the XIV National Assembly as well as answered voters’ suggestion. The Minister Do Van Chien said the opinions of voters from Sinh Long and Yen Hoa communes of infrastructure are accurate and needed to be done in the future. However, the Government budget is limited, therefore, it needs to be done step by step. The Minister announced with the voters that some policies from the Central in back up the ethnic minority people, including those in Na Hang district, directly answer some opinions of voters on the disturbance caused by officials, create jobs for graduated students and issues of ethnic religion, etc.     


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