Thanh Hoa works to aid Kho Mu ethnic minorities

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The project sets a target to reduce the poverty rate in Lac and Doan Ket villages in Muong Lat district, where most of the minorities are residing, to 6-7 percent per year while eyeing an average per capita income of VND16 million (USD717.6) in the next four years.

Along with giving financial supports in permanent housing construction as well as farm and latrine displacement, the province will also build two clinics and other support constructions to provide initial medical examinations for the locals.

According to Luong Van Tuong, head of the provincial department for ethnic minorities, Thanh Hoa province is home to 179 Kho Mu households with 978 people, accounting for a mere 2 percent of the province’s total population.

It is significant to tackle food issues for the ethnics as they live in remote areas and have been short of land for production, Tuong noted.

The provincial People’s Committee asked Muong Lat district to enhance communication campaigns to encourage the Kho Mu ethnics’ active participation in the project.

The district should guide the Kho Mu people to develop production and farming through providing them with sustainable cultivating technique as well as trainings to increase capacity of the villagers.

Job arrangement for the Kho Mu ethnics after graduating from universities, colleges and vocational training schools should be given top priority as well./.



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