Steering Committee urged to fulfill socio-economic development tasks

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PM Phuc made the statement whilst attending a meeting on June 19 with the Central Highlands Steering Committee, leaders from five provinces in the Central Highlands, central agencies and ministries.

After hearing the committee’s report on accomplishments of the Central Highlands region, PM Phuc recognised and praised the committee’s performance in consulting the Party and State on developing and implementing policies on regional socio-economic development.

He stated specific tasks which the committee should focus on over the coming time, including addressing difficulties of businesses and facilitating their development; taking advantage of the region’s potential; effectively resolving matters related to land for accommodation and production for ethnic minority groups; ensuring sufficient water supply for local residents; enhancing sustainable forest protection and development; reducing poverty quickly and sustainably; focusing on training and planning for ethnic human resources; strengthening the political system at the grassroots levels and the national great unity bloc; as well as maintaining political security, social order and safety.

On the same day, PM Phuc and his entourage visited H’Dok village in Ea Kao commune of Buon Ma Thuot city, the first commune to reach new-style rural standards in Dak Lak province mid-way through last year.

He also visited and presented gifts to heroic Vietnamese mothers Le Thi Be and Lam Thi Xin in Hoa Thuan commune and the productive farm of Vo Tien Dung in Ea Tu commune, Buon Ma Thuot city



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