Northern province focuses on three breakthrough solutions

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According to Mr. Huan, the solutions include increasing the development of the processing of agricultural and forestry products, the production of construction materials and supportive industry; developing commodity agricultural and forestry production efficiently and sustainably, focusing on some key products such as tea, sugarcane, and animal and fisheries products, with the agricultural, forestry and fisheries production value increasing by 4% annually on average.

The province will help 30% of the communes reach the standard of new-style rural areas, and develop the tourism sector to attract 1.7 million tourists by 2020. 

Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Chau Van Lam added that the area of sugarcane at present is 13,000 hectares and it is expected to be increased to 15,000 hectares by 2020, while the current area of tea is 8,800 hectares.

Meanwhile, there are currently 100,000 buffaloes exported mainly to China and a diary farm with 3,000 dairy cows invested by the Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (Vinamilk). In addition, 2 investors are preparing to invest in beef projects in the province.

With 500 important historical relics, each year, the province attracts some one million visitors. “To make the province a well developed one in accordance with the provincial Party Congress resolution, the province will strive to rank four of 14 northern mountainous provinces by 2020, instead of eight as currently,” said Mr. Lam. Over the past five years, the province marked an economic growth rate of 14% per year with the average per capita income of nearly USD1,400, which helped the province out of underdeveloped status.

The poverty rate was reduced rapidly from 34% in 2011 to 9.31% in 2015, lifting people’s living standard, with over 98% of residents having access to the national grid./.



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