Lao legislative leader urges stronger ties with Vietnam in ethnic affairs

02:42 PM 06/07/2016 Views: 973 Print

The Chairwoman of the Lao National Assembly said ethnic and religious affairs are of importance to both countries and the smooth implementation of relevant policies was an important basis for national harmony and unity, and the foundation for the development of each country.

She affirmed the delegation’s visit helps boost the relationship between the two legislative bodies in general and their ethnic affairs agencies in particular, adding that the two agencies should boost exchanges of experience in ethnic and religious work.

Earlier the same day, the Vietnamese delegation led by the council’s head Ha Ngoc Chien held talks with their counterparts from the Lao NA Committee on Ethnic Affairs led by the committee’s chairman Buaphan Lykaiya.

The two sides assessed the implementation of their bilateral cooperation agreement in the 2014-2016 period, which covered issues like law-building, monitoring the execution of policies and law on ethnic works.

They agreed to increase experience sharing to tighten their partnership in the time ahead.



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