Argentine press praises Vietnamese people and landscape

02:45 PM 16/06/2016 Views: 845 Print

With the title ‘Una Miranda Argentina de Vietnam’ (An Argentinean view of Vietnam), the article shared Professor Guillermo Pérez Cena’s experiences after his visit to Vietnam.

The article featured Vietnam’s socio-economic development and international integration, focusing on large bridges and modern buildings, in addition to ancient pagodas and the cultural diversity of 54 ethnic groups.

The beauty of Vietnam’s natural landscape, from terraced rice fields in Sapa, to Ha Long Bay, to beaches in coastal provinces and sand dunes in Mui Ne, was also described.

The author of the article was also impressed by traditional trade villages in Vietnam, such as Bat Trang pottery village and traditional hand embroidery villages across the country. Especially, the beauty of Vietnamese women in traditional dress (Ao dai) and Vietnamese people’s hospitality making a strong impression on Professor Cena.

Professor Cena is currently a lecturer at the Faculty of Foreign Trade, 21st Century Business University, in Argentina. In his article, he also affirmed that the Vietnamese people, with small hands have created large successes.



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