" ..The State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is the unified State of all nationalities living together in the land of Vietnam. The State implements the policy of equality unity and mutual assistance among the nationalities and strictly prohibits all national discrimination and division behaviours. The nationalities have the right to use the spoken and written languanges, preserve the national identity and promote the customs, habits, fine traditions and cultures of their own.

The State implements the policy of all-sided development and step by step improves the material and spiritual life of ethnic minorities..."

(Article 5, Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam)

"...Be they Kinh or Tho, Muong or Man, Gia-rai or Ede, Xo-dang or Ba Na and other ethnic minorities, fellow-countrymen are all sons and daughters of Vietnam blood brothers and sisters. Through thick and thin we share together joy and hardship, and help mutually in any circumstance. The country and the Government are common to all of us. Therefore, our people of all nationalities must unite closely to defend our country and support our Govemment. Rivers may dry up and mountains may eroda but our unity has never diminished .."

Ho Chi Minh
Letter to fhe Congress of Southern Ethnic Minorities
Pleiku April 19,1946

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An article, carried by Argentina’s Resumen Latinoamericano newspaper on June 12, highly appreciated the beauty of the Vietnamese people and the country’s serene landscapes.

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The Prime Minister has issued Decision No.1038/QĐ-TTg on the establishment of the State Evaluation Council aiming to evaluate the national target programme on modern rural area construction and the national target programme on sustainable poverty reduction during the 2016-2020 period.

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The festival of gong and folk song for Quang Ngai ethnic minorities kicked off in Tra Xuan town, Tra Bong district, on June 12.

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Around 5,000 children and adults, about 1,250 households in Bac Binh and Ham Thuan Bac districts, whose health, nutrition and livelihood have been suffering the impacts from the severe drought in Binh Thuan province, will receive support from World Vision to address urgent WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) needs.

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Jessica Ibarra, representative of the 8th Mexican Friendly Culture Fair Organization Board said on Sunday that she appreciates Vietnam’s participation in this year’s fair. She said Vietnam has participated in all 8 culture fairs organized by Mexico City since 2009. The Vietnamese booth always attracts a lot of visitors with elegant and Ao Dai, palm-leaf conical hats, delicious food, and unforgettable coffee. The 2016 Mexican Culture Fair took place from May 21st to June 5th with the participation of 94 countries, including France as a special guest. There were 200 different activities at the fair, which attracted 3.5 million visitors.

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New Zealand’s Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr Haike Manning, traveled to Cao Bang province this week to visit communities involved in the New Zealand-funded project “Building strong and resilient communities in rural Cao Bang”.

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On November 10, 2015, in Ho Chi Minh City, Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs in collaboration with the Irish Embassy, UNDP held the training workshop on Management the capacity building on Poverty Reduction Policies and Programme Project. Deputy Minister Nguyen Trong Dam attended and chaired the workshop. Attending the workshop were leader of the National Office for Poverty Reduction (MOLISA); representatives from the relevant ministries, sectors and the provincial Department of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs participating in the Project.

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Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc affirmed that Viet Nam always expects comprehensive cooperation with the World Bank during a meeting with country director Victoria Kwakwa on Saturday. Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc treasures valuable assistance and support of the World Bank for Viet Nam. Photo: VGP


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