Summarizing the implementation of Decision No: 2472/QD-TTg and Decision No: 1977/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister

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Attending the meeting were representatives of some ministries and relevant agencies; the leaders of some departments and units of the CEMA and the press implementing Decision No: 2472/QD-TTg and the Decision No: 1977/QD-TTg.

In recent years, together with the ethnic policies, the press which implementedthe Decision No: 2472 /QD-TTg and Decision No: 1977 /QD-TTg has served effectively the communication of theParty’s line, State policies and laws. Through the process of implementing the policies,some press for ethnic minorities in mountainous areas, special difficulty areasgained a remarkably effectiveness, providing information in all aspects of social life ; contributing significantlyto the changes ofthe Minority and Mountainous Areas, the extremely difficult regions.

Besides, the press have countered misinformationby the hostile forces, analyzed, explained to the people to understand the ethnic policies of the Party and State. The press have improved communicationabout socio-economic development, poverty reduction, preservation of national identity; political and ideological education, raid awareness and alertnessfrom hostile forces; criticizedsocial isuues,such as superstition, gambling, drug addictionin key areas Northwest region, Central Highlands ... Simultaneously,fightingthe  wrongdoings, the press have spent most of the content on propagating new cultural life, introduced the icons with business practices, oustanding cultural families, the  goodexamplar in economic development ...

In the period of 2012 - 2015, the press were also actived, proactivedto contribute and lobby for organizations to organize social activities, charities forEthnic minorities and mountainous and extremely difficult regions.

Get these results is due to the drastic direction of the Government, the Prime Minister, as well as the close cooperation between the CEMA with ministries and central agencies in managing, directing, guiding, the participation of the Party, local committees, and the efforts of the press in the proper implementation of the signed agreement, form, timing ofpublishing to ensure the delivering newspaper to beneficiaries on time.

However, the implementation of the policies still have some limitations , such as the signed terms, framework,time of publishing newspapers; a number of articles on the newspapers and magazines are general-views;  out of dated forms, poor quality of newspaper, anddependentto the national budget ...

Encouraging the achievement, in the period of 2016 - 2020 the press implemented Decision No: 2472 and1977to continue focusing on communation ofpolicies of the Party and State, promoting the communication activities of the Party's ethnic minority policiesin the period among 2016 - 2020; continued implementation of Decree No. 05 of the Government on ethnic affairs; improved the quality and efficiency of the presson policy implementation ...

At the conference, participatations comment for the press on the implementation of Decision 2472 and 1977 and deploy missionin the period of 2016 - 2020. Starting from the actual needs of the people of ethnic minorityand mountainous areas, especially remote areas lacking of information, the majority of the proposals to the Committee for State proposed urgently to the Prime Minister in order to continue the publications of magazines for people, enabled communes and villages, prestigious people reading newspapers regularly to stay updated with new information. Also proposing extension number of beneficiaries on Decision, such as publications for islands; content of the publication of information should be short, enhance photos to illustrate; the article should show some icons for highlightingin the newspapers issue ...

Leading the conference, Deputy Minister, Vice Chairman, Le Son Hai emphasized: “Together with the support policy onsocio-economy development for ethnic Minority and Mountainous Areas, providing newspapers and magazines is also essential in order to care for the spiritual life of the people. Therefore, the Government has always been interested in, and creates conditions for the relevant authorities to do good communication for the Ethnic Minorities and Mountainous Areas, the extremely difficult regions”.

The Deputy Ministeralso stated the pressimplementing Decision 2472 and 1977 is weak in following policies, social criticism, general view on newspapers and magazines, lack of fighting spirits; lack of assessment about the social impacts to have an objective view on communication.

Sharing with the comments of the participants, Mr. Le Son Hai said: CEMA advise actively and recommend to the Prime Minister on the continued implementation of the Decision 2472 in the coming period. The press need to be well-prepared on implementation to determine that this is the political major taskneeded to be implemented seriously and  efficiently.

On this occasion, Deputy Minister, Vice Chairman, Le Son Hai has informated to the press about some of the results in the implementation of the ethnic policy that CEMA has done last 5 years and  orientation plans in 2016. Deputy Minister, Deputy Chairman is desirablethat some press continue to cooperate, accompany with the ethnic work, contributing to the improvement of the people life in minority and mountainous regions.


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